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HP digital print?
HP digital print is an immediate design-to-print solution at scale, providing speed to market, color consistency and quality, and Lean Inventory Management. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, helping brands innovate with packaging, publishing or any printed media through sustainable digital printing. Together, we can unlock breakthrough creativity to deliver better marketing and a whole new world of personalization at scale: from idea generation to printed execution.


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Brand Challenges

The world is changing. What was true yesterday has become obsolete today.

“The challenges we need to overcome, are how you are going to reach your consumers if they feel saturated, united in their distrust of fake news, frustrated by intrusive ads on social media and suffering from anxiety?” – Jose Gorbea, Head of Brands and Agencies Innovation at HP Graphic Arts.

But we can effect change. We can strive for a more prosperous future while accelerating your business growth!


Through research we conducted with Sparks and Honey, we revealed what motivates consumers to personalize and how brands can capitalize on those motivations. By analyzing 45million+ social media conversations across the globe, we pinpointed the real potential for increased sales and loyalty through the means of personalization.

It is through personalization that we can drive engaging community campaigns to market at speed, bringing brand purpose to life on pack. By understanding the six emotional drivers of personalization we can achieve relevant, timely and authentic communication with customers.

Together we can unlock your brands full potential, co-creating human-centric storytelling for your brand’s packaging. See how we helped Nescafe.

Turn a simple coffee jar into a gift that speaks to younger generations. 3,000 different resolutions on over 20 million jars. Nescafe needed a platform nobody else could offer to help them achieve this ambitious goal.
“Drive engagement by involving your community in the campaign content development through co-creation”
HP Graphic Arts Advantage
Printed over 3,000 different labels (packaging designs) in one go
Brand Benefit
Expanded the coffee frame of reference by elevating its role to become a gift during Christmas

Drive marketing for a better world through purpose & regeneration

Putting purpose at the heart of your brand will create deeper engagement with your consumers.

Today is the day for us to start regenerating society, our planet and our economies. Packaging doesn’t have to be part of the problem; it is part of the solution.

See how we helped Amarula protect endangered elephants.

Inspiring engaged and thoughtful consumption
Inspiring engaged and thoughtful consumption
Co-created 400,000 unique bottles with consumers, protecting elephants and seeing sales growth of +139%
“It is my responsibility to make the world a better place”
HP Graphic Arts Advantage
Enable consumers to express their own voice & support in creating a better world
Brand Benefit
Drove sales growth and differentiated through purpose

Influence your influencers & enable co-creation

They will convey your message in the most authentic way. Hand the mic to your consumers and empower them to choose and even co-create the most personal experience with something physical.

See how we helped Hersheys take a stand on gender equality.

Taking a stand on gender equality
Converted 30,000 wrappers into a platform for female artists to showcase their emerging talent. #HerSheGallery campaign in honour of International Women’s day
“It is my responsibility to make the world a better place”
HP Graphic Arts Advantage
Enabled Hershey customers to express their own voice & support in creating a better world
Brand Benefit
Built value & differentiate through purpose

How we’re helping

Check out a few best-in-class marketing campaigns we have delivered with other brand teams through our co-creation workshops.

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Abel Sanchez-Hermosilla M,
Brands & Agencies
Innovation, EMEA

An enthusiastic marketing professional with 15+ years of experience in understanding consumers and growing brands. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Abel has also been involved in two start-ups and is a visiting branding professor in a business school in Spain.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, personalized customer experiences are no longer a “nice to have” — but an expectation. Let’s get inspired together!”

Jose ‘Pepe’ Gorbea,
Global Head of Brands and
Agencies Innovation

A passionate marketing leader and speaker, Pepe has a proven track record of revitalizing brands strategically by inspiring teams to deliver breakthrough, consumer-centric campaigns and innovations for over 20 years at Kraft Foods, Nestlé, Mondelēz, and Grupo Bimbo in Global, Regional and Local roles.

“We are the co-creation generation, let’s make a difference together!”

Doris Brown-McNally,
Brands Innovation Lead,
North America

Highly sought-after print industry executive veteran, outspoken speaker and advocate regarding digital print production, color communication, and brand marketing. Responsible for fostering relationships with many of the world’s most recognizable brands, and their creative agencies, through meaningful and inspirational digital print instruction, and campaign ideations.

“The future of print is personalized, experiential, collaborative & amazing.
Marketers looking to capture the minds & hearts of consumers will need to have both sides of their brains trained and engaged in the design & strategy for their executions.”

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